About Us

About Us

About Us

BookAudioReader.com is one of the experienced Audio Book Providers. We provide a majority of the authorized book titles in audio MP3 format. Still, if your favorite book is not included in our published on-line store, please send us an email requesting this book
or set of books at mail@bookaudioreader.com  . We will try to allow for your authorized favorite book.
Our book titles include Children Books, Adventure Books, Fiction Book, Non-Fiction Book, Technology-related Books, History Books, Humor Books, Romance books and many more.

To have an audio book in your car when you are having a long or short trip or while in a traffic jam can keep you sane. Using your smart phone or your computer while working, you can listen to major works of human experiences. Audio books, for a few dollars, allow you to copy their contents to any electronic device that supports MP3 audio format. You don’t need an internet connection to listen to these books. You can always share it with your friends and family.
Audio books are the new way of reading books anywhere  any time. Having a headphone connected to your device will take you to another fascinating world of words, facts and dreams.


For an order of five books or more, we will send you our credit card flash memory shown above.


For an order of less than five books, we will send you our  DVD shown above

Selecting five books or more, we will send you the books you have chosen on a credit card 4 GB flash memory that you can carry in your wallet anywhere.
The cost includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.
To use the credit card flash memory, please check:


You can copy your audio books to a stick flash memory and use a USB cable to yoursmartphone as shown below:

We can also provide you with a small connector that you can use to connect
your flash memory directly to your smartphone, as shown below:

To order this connector, please send us an e-mail: